Should I pay to play the games?

Absolutely not! our goal is to provide you with the latest online games with no charge. You can play as many as Free Games for free.
Please inform us if you encounter a game which asks for personal information
How often the website updates?

We update the website in every 8 hours. However, we can just bring limited number of games. We have a dedicated team, which they only select the better free online games to show case it here.

Can I play multiplayer games?

we have a large selection of multiplayer online games. Every game which has the option for multiplayers has been tagged. Enjoy the games:)
Can I recommend your website some additional games?

Yes, we always would love to hear from our visitors and you can always use our blog to do so as well.

I have other questions which are note listed here!!!

Ooops, we are sorry not to come up with your question here. Please use the contact us form to forward the question